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Date Topic Exercises Term Project Homework
Sep 05

Course Introduction (pptx)
GW Modeling Concepts (video, pptx)

Sep 07 Hydraulic Head Concepts (videopptx)
head calc
head calc (key)

cylinder (key)
Sep 12 Darcy's Law - Intro (video, pptx) columbia
columbia (key-html)
columbia (key-ppt)

darcy (key)
Sep 14 Darcy's Law - Layers (video, pptx)
Darcy's Law - Multiple Dimensions (video, pptx)

layers (key)

twosoils (key)


darcy2d (key)

  HW#1 - head calcs
Sep 19 Governing Eqs - General (video, pptx)
Governing Eqs - Areal (video, pptx)
    HW#2 - darcy's law
Sep 21 Conceptual Models (video, pptx)     HW#3 - darcy's law, layers
Sep 26 MODFLOW, organization & main packages (video, pptx)
MODFLOW, optional packages, pt 1 (video, pptx)
mtn-lake (key)
mtn-lake (video)

Sep 28 MODFLOW case study agdrains1
agdrains1 (key)
agdrains1 (video)


agdrains2 (key)
agdrains2 (video)
Oct 03 NO LECTURE    
Oct 05 MODFLOW, optional packages, pt 2 (video, pptx)
fremont1 (key)
fremont1 (video)

fremont2 (key)
fremont2 (video)
  HW#4 - modflow intro
Oct 10 MODFLOW case studies agdrains3
agdrains3 (key)
agdrains3 (video)
  HW#5 - modflow grid, pt 1
Oct 12 2D Geostatistics - Interpolating MODFLOW layer elevations (video, pptx) geostats
geostats (key)
geostats (video)

layer-interp (key)
layer-interp (video)
  HW#6 - modflow grid, pt 2
Oct 12-17 Exam #1 - Online      
Oct 17 MODFLOW Solvers (video, pptx) thinaquifer
thinaquifer (key)
thinaquifer (video)

drywells (key)
drywells (video)

Oct 19 Discuss Term Project     HW#7 - elevation interp
Oct 24 Regional Models - Conceptual Model Approach (video, pptx) biglake
biglake (key)
biglake (video)
Team Contract  
Oct 26 MODFLOW case study easttex-pt1
easttex-pt1 (key)
easttex-pt1 (video)

easttex-pt2 (key)
easttex-pt2 (video)
Oct 31 NO LECTURE    
Nov 02 NO LECTURE   Working Flow Model HW#8 - modflow conc mod
Nov 07 MODFLOW case study easttex-pt3
easttex-pt3 (key)
easttex-pt3 (video)

easttex-pt4 (key)
easttex-pt4 (video)
Nov 09 Model Calibration (video, pptx)
Calibration Tools in GMS (video, pptx)
bigvalley-calib (key)
bigvalley-calib (video)
  HW#9 - bicknell bottoms
Nov 14 Automated Parameter Estimation (video, pptx) bigvalley-pest
bigvalley-pest (key)
bigvalley-pest (video)
  HW#10 - model calibration
Nov 16 Pilot Point Method (video, pptx) bigvally-ppt
bigvalley-ppt (key)
bigvalley-ppt (video)
  HW#11 - param est
Nov 17-28 Exam #2 - Online      
Nov 21 NO LECTURE - Friday Instruction    
Nov 23 NO LECTURE - Thanksgiving      
Nov 28 MODPATH - Particle Tracking (video, pptx) modpath-biglake
modpath-biglake (key)
modpath-landfill (video)
  HW#12 - pilot points
Nov 30 Stochastic Modeling - Basic Theory (video, pptx)
Stochastic Modeling - GMS Tools (video, pptx)
bigvalley-stoch (key)
bigvalley-stoch (video)
Calibrated Flow Model HW#13 - particle tracking
Dec 05 Governing Equations - Transient (video, pptx)
Governing Equations - Areal Flow - Transient (video, pptx)
Transient MODFLOW Simulations (video, pptx)
bigvalley-trans (key)
bigvalley-trans (video)
  HW#14 - stochastic
Dec 06     Predictive Model  
Dec 07 Groundwater Sustainability - Part 1 (video, pptx)
Groundwater Sustainability - Part 2 (video, pptx)
Sustainability of Groundwater Resources
(pgs 1-4, 15-23, 30-44, 45-47)
Urban Thirst and Rural Water: The Saga of the Southern Nevada Groundwater Development Project
(cleveland ranch case study)   HW#15 - transient sim
Dec 12 Boundary Condition Analysis - Part 1 (video, pptx)
Boundary Condition Analysis - Part 2 (video, pptx)
Boundary Condition Analysis - Part 3 (video, pptx)
bcanalysis (key)
bcanalysis (video)
Particle Tracking Analysis HW#16 - sustainability
Dec 14 Term Project Oral Reports (last day of class)   Oral Report
Written Report
HW#17 - course eval
Dec 15 Exam Prep Day    
Dec 16-21 Final Exam - Online