MODFLOW Case Study - Fremont River Model, Part 2

For this case study, we will be revisiting the Fremont River model. We will add a lake and a flow barrier simulating a low permeability fault.

1) Download and unzip the file. Open the fremont2.gpr file in GMS.

2) Apply general head conditions to the cells in the vicinity of the lake polygon.

a) Select the cells using a polygon

b) Create GHB cells.

c) Compute and assign an appropriate conductance. Assume:

H = 360

Thickness of sediment = 2 m

K of sediment = 0.2 m/d

Cell size = 40 m x 40 m

3) Save and run

4) Apply HFB conditions to simulate fault

a) Select pairs of cells and toggle barrier (one pair at a time)

c) HC = 0.00001

5) Save and run

Experiment with parameter values.