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The following three maps are available in digital form:

USGS Quad Map Aerial Photo #1 Aerial Photo #2
Size:1,181 KB Size:664 KB Size:596 KB
topo.zip photo1.zip photo2.zip

The aerial photos were taken at different times and cover slightly different areas. Both are good quality. Aerial photo #1 is courtesy of Scott Bair. The other two maps were downloaded from the web (I forgot the original location!). All three maps include the Aberjona aquifer region of Woburn.

To download an image, simply click on the file name and follow the instructions. Each zip file contains two files:

  1. A JPEG file (*.jpg)
  2. A GMS Image file (*.img). This is a simple text file used by GMS to import and register TIFF and JPEG images.

Unzip the files and keep them in the same directory. If you open the image file in GMS the JPEG image will appear, registered to state plane coordinates (in ft).