Jeff Davis - Alan Lemon Photos

This series of photos was taken by Jeff Davis and Alan Lemon on a visit to the Woburn site in April of 2001. Click on each thumbnail to see a larger image. Commentary provided by Jeff Davis.

Click on each thumbnail to see a larger image.

Image1.jpg (62488 bytes)
Back of W.R. Grace where they are still cleaning stuff up

Image2.jpg (80392 bytes)
Front of W.R. Grace facility

Image3.jpg (154251 bytes)
Sign close to wells G&H

Image4.jpg (156249 bytes)
What remains of well H

Image5.jpg (156033 bytes)
The other side of the remains of well H.

Image6.jpg (137429 bytes)
Next to well H, one of the great hockey players of our time (RJD).

Image7.jpg (156725 bytes)
AML admiring an observation well. Compare to location 3 in Virtual Tour.

Image8.jpg (175898 bytes)
Well G?

Image9.jpg (74942 bytes)
Looking north from bridge across the Aberjona River.  Compare to Location 1d in Virtual Tour.

Image10.jpg (142295 bytes)
This is close to location 14. Under the tires is supposed to to be a huge pile of buried 55 gallon drums.

Image11.jpg (140358 bytes)
This is the facility that treats the contamination from the SVE remediation.

Image12.jpg (140808 bytes)
This is part of the 15 acres area. This is the area that caught on fire in the movie

Image13.jpg (83667 bytes)
The SVE remediation project that we got a tour of. Note, this is year 4 of a 5 year clean-up project that has reclaimed very little contamination

Image14.jpg (184147 bytes)
Just North of 15 acres. An area that we were told will never be cleaned up because of the lack of money

Image15.jpg (125797 bytes)
close to location 8 looking East across the marsh

Image16.jpg (175383 bytes)
Close to location 8. More bad stuff that will sit forever

Image17.jpg (89631 bytes)
Similar to location 4c.

Image18.jpg (134515 bytes)
On the tracks looking South. Nice guy that Alan Lemon!



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