Photos of interesting sites related to the Woburn case. These photos were provided by Oscar Soule of Evergreen State College

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welcome.jpg (64294 bytes)
Welcome to Woburn
mapwoburn.jpg (128259 bytes)
Map of Woburn
streetscene.jpg (55399 bytes)
Street Scene in Woburn
mainstreet.jpg (41354 bytes)
Main Street in Woburn
orangestreet.jpg (65023 bytes)
Orange Street
typicalhouse.jpg (72472 bytes)
Typical House on Orange Street
trinityepiscopal.jpg (92095 bytes)
Trinity Episcopal Church
siteof.jpg (41470 bytes)
The "other" John McCormick Courthouse near the state Capital
wrgrace.jpg (45573 bytes)
W.R. Grace Facility
aberjonariver.jpg (45270 bytes)
Aberjona River
remediation.jpg (54723 bytes)
Vapor Extraction Remediation System at Fifteen Acres
industriplexcap.jpg (49876 bytes)
Industri-plex Site with Cap on Contaminated Soils
courthouse.jpg (44128 bytes)
Federal Courthouse
courtwoburn.jpg (50090 bytes)
Woburn City Hall
courtroom2.jpg (28414 bytes)
Entrance to Courtroom
courtroom.jpg (34732 bytes)
jurybox.jpg (24108 bytes)
View from the Jury Box
juryroom.jpg (19303 bytes)
Jury Room
skinnerbench.jpg (30794 bytes)
View from Judge Skinner's Bench
skinnerbench2.jpg (35280 bytes)
Skinner's Bench
fourseasons.jpg (68478 bytes)
Four Seasons Hotel
wphillipsroom.jpg (39234 bytes)
Wendell Phillips Room in the Four Seasons Hotel
ritz-charlton.jpg (65112 bytes)
Ritz-Carlton Hotel
massgenhosp.jpg (44416 bytes)
Massachusetts General Hospital

schlictmanoffice.jpg (61940 bytes)
Schlichtmann's Office


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