This gallery includes photos of the actual people involved in the Woburn case (not actors from the movie!).  Most of the photos were taken in January,1999 at the "Lessons from Woburn" seminar conducted at Harvard University. These photos were provided by Oscar Soule of Evergreen State College

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janschlictman.jpg (28685 bytes)
Jan Schlichtmann
donnarobbins.jpg (23831 bytes)
Donna Robbins
zonas.jpg (30196 bytes)
Joan and Jay Zona
aufierozona.jpg (24853 bytes)
Lauren and Richard Aufiero and the Zonas
ann&chuck.jpg (36316 bytes)
Anne Anderson and her son, Chuck
billcheesman.jpg (25941 bytes)
Bill Cheesman
charlesnesson.jpg (21279 bytes)
Charlie Nesson
charlesnesson2.jpg (27951 bytes)
A younger Charlie Nesson
dankennedy.jpg (29492 bytes)
Dan Kennedy - Woburn Reporter
drobinski.jpg (31276 bytes)
John Drobinski
harrietc.jpg (36699 bytes)
Harriet Clarke, a juror
jerryfacher.jpg (26797 bytes)
Neal Jacobs (left) and Jerry Facher (right)
jonathanharr.jpg (31326 bytes)
Jonathan Harr
kevinconway.jpg (26401 bytes)
Kevin Conway
michaelkeating.jpg (25053 bytes)
Michael Keating
williamcrowley.jpg (23366 bytes)
William Crowley

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