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Date Topic Deadlines Exercises Solutions HW
Sep 05 Course Introduction        
Sep 07 GW Modeling Concepts
Sep 12 Hydraulic Head Concepts
Darcy's Law - Intro
  head calc
head calc (key)
cylinder (key)
columbia (key)
Sep 14 Darcy's Law - Layers
layers (key)
twosoils (key)
Sep 19 Darcy's Law - Multiple Dimensions
Governing Eqs - General
Governing Eqs - Areal
  darcy2d darcy2d (key) HW#1
Sep 21 Conceptual Models
Introduction to MODFLOW
  mtn-lake mtn-lake (key) HW#2
Sep 26 MODFLOW case study - Ag Drains I   agdrains1 agdrains1 (key)  
Sep 28 NO LECTURE        
Oct 03 MODFLOW case study - Ag Drains II
MODFLOW case study - Fremont River I
agdrains2 (key)
fremont1 (key)
Oct 05 More MODFLOW packages
MODFLOW case sutdy - Ag Drains III
MODFLOW case study - Fremont River II
agdrains3 (key)
fremont2 (key)
Oct 10 2D Geostatistics
Interpolating MODFLOW layer elevations
geostats (key)
layer-interp (key)
Oct 10-12 Exam #1 - Online        
Oct 12 MODFLOW Solvers
Head overshoot
Wetting and drying
drywells (key)
thinaquifer (key)
Oct 17 Discuss Term Project       HW#6
Oct 19 Working with Regional Models in GMS
Building MODFLOW models using GIS data and the conceptual model approach
  biglake biglake (key)  
Oct 24 Conceptual model approach, cont.   easttex-pt1 easttex-pt1 (key)  
Oct 26 Conceptual model approach, cont. Team Contract easttex-pt2 easttex-pt2 (key)  
Oct 31 Model Calibration   bigvalley-calib bigvalley-calib (key) HW#7
Nov 02 Automated Parameter Estimation Working Flow Model bigvalley-pest bigvalley-pest (key) HW#8
Nov 07 Parameter Estimation, cont.   bigvally-ppt bigvalley-ppt (key) HW#9
Nov 09 Boundary Condition Analysis   bcanalysis bcanalysis (key) HW#10
Nov 09-11 Exam #2 - Online        
Nov 14 Particle Tracking, MODPATH   modpath-landfill modpath-landfill (key) HW#11
Nov 15   Calibrated Flow Model      
Nov 16 Stochastic Modeling, Monte Carlo Simulations   bigvalley-stoch bigvalley-stoch (key)  
Nov 20          
Nov 21 No Lecture - Friday Instruction Predictive Model      
Nov 23 No Lecture - Thanksgiving        
Nov 28 Transient Simulations       HW#12
Nov 30 Transient Simulations, cont.
Groundwater Sustainability
  bigvalley-trans bigvalley-trans (key) HW#13
Dec 01   Particle Tracking Analysis      
Dec 05 Groundwater Sustainability
  sustainability - usgs
Pages 1-4
Pages 15-23
Pages 30-44
Pages 45-47
Dec 07 Term Project Oral Reports Oral Report      
Dec 12 NO LECTURE        
Dec 14 NO LECTURE - Reports Due Written Report
Dec 15 Exam Prep Day        
Dec 16 Final Exam - Complete by 12/20