HW#13 - Particle Tracking

Note: You may work in pairs on this assignment.

In this exercise we will be performing a particle-tracking analysis using MODPATH.

Download the following MODFLOW simulation:


You will need to unzip the files after you download them. Then do the following:

1) Start up GMS and read in the MODFLOW simulation.

2) Create a particle set and create a set of particles coincident with the contaminated zone. Track the particles forward in time. Are all of the particles captured by the extraction well?

3) Create a particle set and do a forward tracking analysis for the injection well.

4) Create another particle set and do a backward tracking analysis for the extraction well. What can you conclude about the pathlines for the two cases?

5) Using the pathlines resulting from the injection well particle set, adjust the pumping rates for the injection and extraction well system until the series of flow lines (i.e., the capture zone) fully encompasses the contaminated zone with a "reasonable" cushion/factor of safety.


Submittal Instructions

Save the GMS project with the completed solution. Put your answers to questions 2 & 4 in a Word document. Zip up all files associated with the project, including the Word doc.

Upload your zip archive via Learning Suite.