HW#6 - Elevation Data Interpolation

Note: You may work in pairs on this assignment.

The objective of this assignment is to interpolate a set of MODFLOW layer elevations using the scatter point tools in GMS. We will start with an existing MODFLOW model:

Do the following:

1) Download and unzip the following project:


2) Open the project within GMS. This is a partially completed one layer MODFLOW model of a site. However, we need to interpolate the top and bottom elevations and a set of starting heads.

3) Use the tops.sp2 scatter point set to interpolate to the MODFLOW top elevation array.

4) Use the bottoms2.sp2 scatter point set to interpolate to the MODFLOW bottom elevation array.

5) Use the Data Calculator to create a data set on the tops.sp2 scatter point set representing the top elevations minus 10 feet. Call your new data set shead. Interpolate this data set to the MODFLOW Starting Heads array.

6) Redo the interpolation while experimenting with each of the interpolation options. Save the interpolated arrays that you are the most comfortable with.


Submittal Instructions

Save the GMS project with the completed solution. Zip up all files associated with the project.

Upload your zip archive via Learning Suite.