HW#5 - MODFLOW Grid Approach, Part 1

Note: You may work in pairs on this assignment.

Set up the groundwater model shown below. The problem is a simple single layer model with a single injection well and a single extraction well. The problem is as follows:

Set up and perform a steady state simulation using the values shown.

1. Generate a grid using the Create Grid dialog and initialize the MODFLOW simulation.

2. Use the Global Options dialog to:

a) select the packages you will be using,

b) set up the starting heads.

c) set the top and bottom elevation.

3. Use the LPF Package dialog to assign the hydraulic conductivity.

4. Use the Point Source/Sink command to define the wells.

5. Run the Model Checker and fix any errors you find.

6. Save the simulation.


8. Examine the solution. Note the shape of the water table as depicted by the head contours.

9. At this point, you may wish to experiment with the model by

a) changing the pumping rates,

b) changing the K values (change the global value or try setting up zones of differing K)


Submittal Instructions

Save the GMS project with the completed solution. Zip up all files associated with the project.

Upload your zip archive via Learning Suite.