Exam Rules

Before beginning the exam, please read each of the following rules carefully.

1. This is a closed book exam. While taking this exam, you may not consult any books, notes, texts, or any printed material. You may not browse to another website or view other information on your computer. You should only view the exam page while taking the exam. You may NOT use any other program to help you with this exam except GMS (and Excel). You may use your calculator and/or Excel for your calculations. You are allowed to use the GMS help utility only for the problems involving building a model in GMS.

2. You must take this exam in room 234 CB unless Dr. Jones has given permission for the exam to be taken elsewhere. You will need to use GMS v10 in order to complete this exam. Launch GMS prior to logging on to the exam and make sure it is fully functional.

3. You may not take this exam with another person's help and you may not help another person take the exam. You must take the exam entirely by yourself.

4. You many not save, screen capture, or copy this exam in any way. You may not discuss this exam with another person who has not yet taken the exam.

5. This exam must be completed in one sitting. You may not log in to view the exam or complete only a portion of the exam, and then come back at a later time to complete the exam.

6. The time limit on this exam is 180 minutes. Please time yourself and submit your answers before the hour limit expires. Each minute over the allowed time will cost you 2 points.

7. Save a copy of your GMS project files after completing the exam in case I need you to resubmit them for some reason. Do not show them to anyone and do not modify them in any way (I will check the modified date for the files).

By clicking on the following link ("I Accept..."), I acknowledge that I have read the exam rules and I agree to abide by each of the rules. I understand that breaking any of these rules is a violation of the BYU honor code and will place my grade in this class and my standing at BYU in jeopardy.