CE En 547 - Exam #1 KEY

Fall Semester 2019

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1. (1 pt each) True or False:

a. T F  (head-darcy) The ground water table is defined at the height at which the total head = zero.

b. T F  (head-darcy) Intrinsic permeability is a function of the soil only, whereas hydraulic conductivity is a function of both the soil and the fluid.

c. T F  (modflow) The sign on the pumping rate for an extraction well is negative (-).

d. T F  (head-darcy) Darcian velocity is greater than the seepage velocity.

e. T F  (gw-concepts) Going back years after a model is developed and comparing the aquifer behavior to that predicted by the model is called parsimony.

f. T F  (goveq) With homogenous soils, the off-diagonal terms of the 3D conductivity tensor are always zero.

g. T F  (modflow) In the MODFLOW code, major tasks are organized as processes and more specific tasks are organized into packages.

h. T F  (modflow) The only difference between the River package and the General Head Boundary package in MODFLOW is that the when the head in the aquifer drops below the bottom elevation, the River package simulates a disconnected stream (head difference reac

i. T F  (modflow) The difference between MODFLOW-USG and the traditional versions of MODFLOW (88, 96, 2000, etc), is that with the USG version, the grid does not have to be structured into rows, columns, and layers.

j. T F  (modflow) The value you select for Recharge typically has only a minor impact on your model results.