CE En 547 - Final Exam KEY

Fall Semester 2017

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Short Answer

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(1 pt each)

17. (concmod) A zone of soil or rock with a common set of hydraulic properties is sometimes called a unit.

18. (head-darcy) The ratio of the volume of the voids in the soil which actually conduct flow to the total volume of the soil is called .

19. (modflow) A thin, vertical, relatively impermeable fault would be modeled best with the package.

20. (head-darcy) The units of hydraulic conductivity are .

21. (modflow) The active/inactive zones of a MODFLOW model grid are specified using the array.

22. (modflow) The flow rate for an extraction well should be entered as a (positive or negative) value.

23. (calibration) Including both head and flow observations helps to ensure that your inverse modeling solution is

24. (sustain) Water that is permanently lost as an aquifer system transitions from one equilibrium state to a new equilibrium state is called: