CE En 547 - Midterm Exam #2 KEY

Fall Semester 2017

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Short Answer

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8. (1.5 pts) (calibration) What does the term PEST stand for?

9. (1.5 pts) (modflow) If you have head overshoot in your model, it is a good idea to reduce the used in the solver package.

10. (calibration) Model calibration and parameterization:

a. (1.5 pts) Define the term parameterization as it applies to automated model calibration.

b. (1.5 pts) Why is parameterization necessary?

c. (2 pts) Describe two methods for achieving parameterization of model input

11. (1.5 pts) (calibration) When performing calibration, the error norm results in a total error value that is always positive and represents the average magnitude of the residual.

12. (2 pts) (gms) When interpolating MODFLOW grid layer elevations using the GMS interpolation tools, the points you have, the difference it makes which interpolation scheme you use.

13. (1.5 pts) (gms) When the solver gets into a mode called head oscillation the max head change per iteration cycles up and down without getting smaller without ever getting smaller than the .